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SATEC Employee Wellness

SATEC Employee Wellness

We know, behind every Rockstar is a village. We're featuring Rockstar villages for 2021-2022. Up first is the amazing St Albans Town education Center (SATEC) just off the main artery of this sweet old Vermont town.

We're in a lot of schools. We know what organized, clean, comforting, and energized looks and feels like the minute we walk in the door. SATEC is a perfect example.

Principal Angela Stebbins is at the heart of it all. She has been an employee wellness advocate for many years, since her first days in administration. Watching her orchestrate dismissal the day we visited was like watching a great ballet. It's just one example of how her leadership guides the culture of her building toward compassion and structure. Stebbins offers up a master class on how to support employees, expect the best out of them and trust them to get the use their strengths in new and exciting ways.

In addition to Principal Stebbins, Lisa Sutton heads up the employee wellness team with help from Amy Ward, the superhero school nurses, front office support staff, and so many more. Watch the interviews with those who inspired us and hear their stories around what makes this building incredible.


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