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Orchard School of South Burlington

Orchard School of South Burlington

Orchard School's Historic Contribution to Wellness

Orchard School has had a long and wonderful history with PATH. First, Sunni Cassani, the school nurse, took a year leave to come work for VEHI PATH as the Wellness Coordinator THIRTY years ago! She went back into the field and spread the word for years after. She did such a great job, she inspired her daughter Kara to become a school nurse. Kara took over at Orchard and also spread the word about Wellness. Soon, the word was so big, the school needed two more big hearts and encouraging voices to help. Suzanne Grocki and Carrie Sala banded together to form a superhero duo. We caught up with them pumping up their COVID depleted co-workers on a cold Flannel Friday in January where the fun was flowing. Sometimes, it's all about the little things.


Orchard School January 2022

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