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Currier Memorial & Rutland Intermediate Schools

Currier Memorial & Rutland Intermediate Schools

Currier Memorial School is a little rural school off Route 7 near Dover, VT in the Bennington-Rutland SU. Rockstar Principal Carolyn Parillo and teacher Michael Luzader help make this little gem a great place to work. Their passion for wellness rippled out to Michael's wife, Kathy Luzader, who took the reigns up the street at Rutland Intermediate School (RIS). RIS is a city school with huge buzz for being kind to get through the tough moments, a message brought forth each day by their awesome principal, Kerry Course. 

These two teams have made wellness and self compassion an easier choice in the most trying of times. Their bottom-line message is to take the time you need to feel better. Boundaries matter and it's ok to set them. Stop, breathe, and lead with curiosity.


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