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Michael Luzader

Michael Luzader

Currier Memorial School

Michael Luzader, the third and fourth grade teacher at the Currier Memorial School in Danby for the past 19 years, is not only a wellness rock star, he is also a musical rock star.  “Playing the drums brings me joy,” said Luzader. “I play with an African drumming group in Rutland,” he said while demonstrating his drumming skills.  “And I also play plenty of rock and roll.”   

At school, Luzader has a large set of groupies.  On the day we visited he and his students shared their trout growing project with us.  “I really like Mr. Luzader.  He is cool because he always makes learning so interesting,” said one of his fourth grade students.  And Carolyn Parillo, the principal, called Michael “our energy guy.”

Luzader’s path to becoming an educator was filled with twists and turns.  “I grew up I California and as a young person spent many a year moving throughout the country and working at a variety of places,’ he said. “ When I got serious about wanting to teach I had to first learn much more about reading, writing and mathematics.”

Nicolette Beagle, the school nurse and a new Currier School staff member said, “Michael has been very welcoming to me. He has taken the time to explain the wellness program to me answering questions as he goes.  He has been encouraging in regards to pursuing wellness and setting goals without being overbearing.  He is funny, lighthearted and positive and makes some of the most stressful and trying days a bit easier for everyone.  He truly cares about the wellness of his students and his coworkers. He stays in regular contact with me to discuss students and goals.  He keeps moving throughout the day setting a good example of how to do so. Michael is mindful of our physical and mental health challenges as a staff and encourages us to strive to be well at our own pace, suggesting that we park farther away when shopping.  He shares many jokes to keep us laughing and he helps me with health tips that go into our weekly newsletter.”

Luzader has also served as the school’s VEHI PATH's building wellness leader for several years.  “I have held many challenges including a hydration challenge, happiness challenge and a joke challenge and created a coffee buying club.”     

Luzader has four children and two grandchildren.  “My children keep me busy between their sports and musical endeavors,” he said.  “To stay physically active, I now bicycle with the goal of riding 10 miles a day and in the winter I snowshoe.”

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