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Heidi Baitz

Heidi Baitz

Ludlow Elementary School

Heidi Baitz, the sixth grade teacher at Ludlow Elementary School, does all she can to keep moving throughout the day.  In her classroom she uses a standing desk and a standing platform for her feet to support movement. Yoga mats are also at her fingertips for some good stretches. “I need to keep moving to stay healthy,” Baitz said. “When I leave school in the afternoon, I usually spend about two hours hiking and then I practice yoga. I treasure feeling the fresh air on my face. I skate, swim, dance, bicycle, do circuit training, and garden whenever possible. At home I have 500-600 perennials and nine raised beds.”

“Heidi is unique because she represents the elementary school and the high school as our employee wellness leader,” said Darlene Remy, one of her colleagues. “She has organized healthy lunch days that she has often prepared. She has brought in speakers on diet and wellness. She has organized yoga and Pilates classes after school. Last year and again this year, she held a Master Chef competition. I often see Heidi at school on the weekends and part of her time there is related to prepping for wellness.  She is incredibly committed.” Baitz concurred adding, “I totally believe that the more you socialize with the people you work with the better the school’s climate will be. As an example,12 of us had a day of sleigh riding this past winter and it was very successful.”

Baitz’s faith and spirituality are very important to her. “I attend the Weston Priory – home of the Benedictine monks,” she said. “I love to do things for people such as baking desserts for the Priory brothers or dear friends. I send cards to lift people’s spirits and recognize their acknowledgments.”

Baitz’s family of origin is rooted here in Ludlow. One of six children, her grandparents owned the Peace and Plenty Farm and her grandfather once served as the Black River High School principal. She has been teaching in this school for 33 years and presently serves on a slew of committees that include: professional development, mentor leadership, wellness leader and the report card committee.  At the same time is she is working on taking classes toward her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study.

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