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Sandy Kayhart

Sandy Kayhart

Vergennes Union Elementary

Sandy Kayhart is full of surprises and lively energy.  Now serving as the Vergennes Union Elementary School Climate Coordinator, she has been known to occasionally ride into the school yard on her horse.  According to her colleague, Jody Delisle. Sandy inspires all of us, no matter whose life she touches.  “This girl, and yes, young in spirit like a girl, is near 60, a grandmother, a friend to all, with a heart of gold who would give you the shirt off her back.  I always say if only I had a heart as big as Sandy’s, I would have it made. She cares about her health and she wants others to care about their health as well. Last summer Sandy could be found cycling miles either for errands or for fun.  She is always pushing herself to go a little more.” 

This was evident as Kayhart shared more about herself. “I like inviting my co-workers and family, including my grandchildren to hike and cycle with me,” she said. “I began cycling 10 years ago because I wanted to be a buff grandma,” she said laughing.  “I love hiking up Buck Mountain several times a year which is only a short distance from my front yard. I have participated in 5ks, the Dirty Girl and Making Strides with Cancer races.  I feel like I need to get out and do something and I like to challenge and inspire others to join in. When I am planning on hiking a trail, I post it on Facebook and invite others to come along.  Hiking up Camel’s Hump is a real thrill.”  

 “Here at school, Sandy takes note of when people need help and is the first to reach out and cover a need,” said Delisle.   “She eats healthy food and is always looking for ideas as to how to improve her health and encourage others to do so too.  On the day we visited, Kayhart’s lunch consisted of lots of carrots and rice.

Kayhart has served in multiple positions at the school over the years.  “I am often the first to arrive and I open the office.  Throughout the day I spend time in many classes and I have in the past worked in the after school program,” she said.   Kayhart is no stranger to hard work outside the school building either.  For many years she milked the cows on her farm every weekend.

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