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Heather Fergerson

Heather Fergerson

Brewster Pierce

Heather Fergerson, the Brewster Pierce school nurse, knows how to inspire and motivate the faculty and the students live their best lives.  “Day in and day out she recognizes that laughter is indeed the best medicine.” said Aimee Motta, the teacher who nominated her as a Thriving Rock Star.  “Her enthusiasm permeates throughout our school building. Seeing her as a super woman at the end of the day puts a smile on one’s face.  Heather treats every staff member and student with the utmost tender loving care. When a student is in need of an ice pack for a bump or a bruise, her ice packs (with unique decorative material) make the healing more comfortable.”

“I also witness her health classes.  She possesses the skills to keep our students fully engaged,” said Motta.  “As our building’s wellness leader, she offers multiple challenges to the staff including: hydration challenges, sleep challenges, mindfulness challenges and random acts of kindness challenges. And she does her upmost to acknowledge everyone for living a healthy lifestyle by “catching us in the act.” 

“Heather continues to support the Partners in Education program at our school even though her children have moved on to middle school.” said Motta. “She continues to volunteer as requested and always supports the Brewster-Pierce fundraisers.  Each year, she dresses as a chicken and participates in our staff skit.  I must say she is one fine chicken.”

Outside of her work as a school nurse, Fergerson is also a labor and delivery nurse at the UVM Medical Center, welcoming plenty of new babies to Vermont each year.  And recently she has taken up Nordic skiing and is absolutely loving it.

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