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Wendy Munsell

Wendy Munsell

Hinesburg Community School

Wendy Munsell thrives on cooking healthy and delicious meals for everyone, whether this is for family members or the community at large.  She puts her heart and soul into preparing nutritious meals for the Hinesburg Community School students every day and makes forming positive relationships with all of the students a priority.  When we visited Munsell, she was wearing a stand-out apron and helping students determine what type of ingredients they wanted in their salad.

“Wendy goes above and beyond her job responsibilities,” said Deb Bissonette, the Hinesburg Community School cafeteria manager   “She is always excited to start the day.  Wendy has a knack for making the students feel welcome and want to eat the lunches she has prepared for them.  She is kind, smart and full of knowledge about how we can all make a difference for the students here. She is a determined and dedicated individual whose peers look up to her for help and guidance as needed.”

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