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Irene Dagesse

Irene Dagesse

Coventry Village School

Irene Dagesse has served as the enrichment center and science specialist at Coventry school for the past ten years. “I love my job because I get to be so creative,” she said.  In her role, Dagesse is a team and guest teacher in several classrooms, she pursues a variety of grant opportunities and she works one on one with some of the students each week to further enrich their school experience.  

Dagesse’s colleagues were thrilled to learn that she was chosen as a VEHI wellness rock star. “I believe in my heart that you have chosen a person who creates healthy relationships with everyone,” said Matthew Baughman, the principal.  “Dagesse wholeheartedly represents wellness and a commitment to the earth.  I very much appreciate what she does and have so much gratitude for her,” he said. 

Dagesse facilitates a group of youth who focus on recycling, named the Green Avengers.  Last year the Green Avengers completed a food garbage audit and built Joey the robot out of milk cartons, demonstrating the waste that accumulates with paper cartons.  ” As a result, Coventry eliminated serving milk in cartons and raised the funds to purchase a milk machine.       

Lenore Beers, Coventry’s food service director also sang Dagasse’s praises.  “We bounce ideas off each other and with the students.  We are doing our best to make everything compostable and are working as a team to create a farm to school approach.” 

Julie Casey called Dagesse her go-to person.    “When I offer activities for staff, she is right there participating in the yoga, Pilates, Zumba, mindfulness and the no sugar challenge.”  “I think it’s special to participate in exercising with your co-workers,” said Dagesse. 

Raised on a dairy farm in Troy, Dagesse and her husband live on a large property in Derby.  She and her family are committed to sustainability.  “We raise our own turkeys and stock our own pond with trout.  Our garden feeds four families; we raise bees and we produce apple cider from our orchard.    

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