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Tammy Myers

Tammy Myers

Woodstock Elementary School

With a big grin on her face, Tammy Myers greeted us inside the doors of the Woodstock Elementary School. Once a student here herself, she is now in her second year as a special educator. “I strive to project a sense of peace and tranquility in my room for students and staff,” she said. “We try to embrace balance here and have created a space that is a go-to place for students and employees. Students make tea for staff members and set achievable goals each day.”

The lights were low and soft music played in the background. One of her students had zipped herself into a royal blue sack. According to her colleague, Lauren Davie, Myers wants the best for everyone around her; students, coworkers, neighbors and strangers. “She is supportive of people’s needs and recognizes that sometimes the most helpful thing for someone’s wellness is a healthy dose of chocolate. Myers sets a beautiful example that people cannot help but admire and emulate, taking care of our spirits with fitness and balance.“

Now the mother of four young children, Myers began running with a friend when she turned 35. Shortly thereafter they challenged themselves to a 5k and then stepped it up to a sprint triathlon at Lake Dunmore. From there, Myers was hooked subsequently competing in several triathlons and Spartan races until the birth of her twin boys, Maxwell and Mason, two years ago. “Her recent goal was to get strong and she worked hard to reach it, pushing her double stroller up steep hills faster than I can keep up with her,” said Davie. While Myers hasn’t yet tackled triathlons again, she is coaching the school’s Girls on the Run program.

Fitness is a Myers family affair. Her two older daughters, Mickayla, in 4th grade, and Morgan, in 6th grade, are avid athletes. Under the radar, Morgan participated in one of the recent Spartan races. The family ice skates, swims, runs and cycles together as often as possible.

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