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Meagan Boucher

Meagan Boucher

St. Johnsbury Academy

Meagan Boucher, St. Johnsbury Academy math instructor, dorm parent and endurance athlete, tackles new challenges with a vengeance.  According to her supervisor, Elizabeth Davis, health and physical fitness are a priority in Boucher’s life. By 6 p.m. on the day we visited, Boucher had already run 11 miles, 4 of which were at 5:30 a.m., swam one and a half miles in the indoor pool, facilitated math classes for the high school students and checked in with all of girls in the dorm she oversees. 

“Boucher exercises every day of her life and truly enjoys it,” said Davis.  “She eats lots of healthy food, drinks lots of water and is a great role model for teenage girls.”  In Boucher’s oven a homemade pizza topped with fiddleheads is baking. “I usually eat in the dining hall,” she said.  “Spinach is my go-to food.  My breakfast often consists of a bed of spinach, white rice, scrambled eggs and coffee.  At lunch, I have spinach again and I add plenty of cheese on top. “Boucher chows down on protein bars, drinks Gatorade and makes her own yummy snack – a mix of peanut butter, flax seeds, chia seeds, Cocoa Krispies and powdered milk.

Boucher loves sharing her knowledge with the cross country and track team members, teaching spinning at the local gym and offering core strength training to the girls in her dorm.  According to Davis, Boucher wants to help those around her be as healthy and active as she is while withholding judgment or pressure. 

Presently, Boucher is at the top of her game, winning the recent triathlons she has entered.  “I am heading for the National Triathlon Championships this summer,” she said.  To compete in triathlons, Boucher, a former collegiate runner from the University of New Hampshire, studied YouTube videos to learn more about swimming, worked with the Lyndon College swimming coach and spent time training as a lifeguard.  At the end of this school year, Boucher is moving on to pursue new endeavors in New England that provide her with additional opportunities for coaching and athletic training. 

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