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Trish Appel

Trish Appel

Twin Valley Elementary

Trish Appel,Twin Valley Elementary School math coach, was quite surprised when we showed up at her doorstep following the Thanksgiving vacation to honor her as a VEHI Thriving rock star.  Her office was decorated in full beach motif with rich ocean blues.   “My colleague (with whom she shared the space until recently) and I designed the room last year,” said Appel.  “We did so because the beach has brought us both so much peace. I love the Jersey Shore and taking vacations on the Maine shore.”  It is during this conversation we learned that Appel’s friend and colleague passed away unexpectedly only a few weeks prior. “It’s been very rough,” she said.  “Like a roller coaster.  Walking is my therapy.”   

Several of the Twin Valley School staff were thrilled to see Appel receive this honor.  “Her honor is so awesome (the school’s word which is plastered on doorways throughout the building) because what we have experienced was so non awesome,” said a group of her colleagues.  “Trish goes above and beyond to increase the participation in the wellness program,” said Rebecca Fillion, the school’s principal. “She creates bulletin boards, sends out frequent email reminders and notes and has face to face check ins to make sure we are on board and on task.  She has a growth mind set and embodies the positive attitude of a true super hero.  She sets up great activities for the staff including Zumba, stress reduction and healthy luncheons and advocates for our school at the school district level.”

Appel makes multiple laps around the building each day, (each lap is a quarter of a mile and she does 16 laps daily), makes healthy choices and loves listening to music.  Now, in her 35th year at the school, she said, “I’m looking forward to becoming a grandparent shortly and I want to be a very fun, energetic grandma.”  At home Appel engages in Wii competitions, obstacles courses, yoga classes and core strengthening exercises.

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