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Rita Harvey

Rita Harvey


Rita Harvey, Twinfield School’s VEHI PATH’s wellness leader and a para-educator, is a familiar face on the campus.  Having worked in the school for the past 20 years, Harvey eagerly agreed to serve as the building’s wellness leader a few years ago.   The result of her commitment to improving the culture of wellness is evident throughout the building.  She was successful with advocating for the creation of a staff wellness space specifically designed for staff relaxation and stress management.  The room is painted in shades of purple and lavender.  “Once a week I purchase healthy snacks for the room, “said Harvey. When we visited, we noticed a bowl on the table packed with apples and small boxes of raisins.  “There are also several handouts and DVDs available to peruse in the room,” said Harvey.  “Once a week we now offer Zumba to the staff and all of our in-services have an employee wellness component. 

Harvey, is according to all the individuals we spoke with, is a gifted listener. Nicole Perkins, one of Harvey’s colleagues said, “She is a positive coworker and friend who is always offering support and asking how everyone is doing.  She consistently and genuinely cares about how people feel about themselves and their wellbeing.  She listens and truly cares about how you are doing.  She will say very often – “smile my wonderful friend” and she walks every day on her lunch break.  She is the kindest most positive person and very encouraging.   Harvey gives me ideas of what I can do to better myself –and she turns my negativity into positivity.” Liz, another colleague, said, “She listens to me, gives me advice and is a good friend who will take me places.”

Harvey jointed Weight Watchers several months ago, purchased a Fit Bit and sets up multiple challenges for herself.  She resides in Marshfield.  “There are four generations in our home, including my mother who has been living with us for seven years, adult children and grandchildren,” Martin said.  “I like to color to manage my stress,” she said.   

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