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Kathy Bonfigli

Kathy Bonfigli

Malletts Bay School

Kathy Bonfigli, a Malletts Bay teacher for the past 23 years, is our first VEHI Thriving Rock star this year. Unfortunately, Bonfigli, (56) passed away unexpectedly last August at her home and we never had a chance to interview her. Her colleagues, Shawn Brier, Anne-Rayner-Cyr, Claudia O’Neill, Alicia Riggs and Ellen O’Meara, have written the following description  about Bonfigli.

 “Bonfigli was a true inspiration to many colleagues, friends and family members. She was a fun-loving, adventuresome free spirit who truly enriched our lives and we are better for sharing a piece of her life. She was outgoing, always made others feel good about themselves and had a positive impact on so many lives. She was extremely passionate about family, friends, exercise, and healthy living.  Never satisfied with the status quo, she constantly pushed herself and those around her to reach higher and farther to try something new.  “Have fun” could easily have been her motto.”  

 “Each summer Bonfigli bicycled thousands of miles in places such as Vermont, Florida, Ontario and Utah. In the winter, she cycled in the warmth of her home. She enjoyed kayaking, snowshoeing, tennis, hiking, walking her dog and competing in triathlons. She frequently had the healthiest plate at the lunch table and enjoyed cooking, especially with others. Bonfigli readily shared and ask for recipes, and attended the Cookbook Club at the Milton Library.”  

 “Bonfigli was truly dedicated to caring for our students, encouraging them to do their best, and at the same time make learning fun.  She included movement activities in her classroom throughout the day and shared adventures in our Outdoor Classroom (the MBS Garden) including the Tulip Project (run by Journey North), making a poetry garden (inspired by St. Mike’s) and feeding the birds in the winter. Kathy was a true inspiration to many and her energy was contagious. Prior to her passing, she was looking forward to hiking throughout Vermont with her daughter Gabby.”  

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